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Community wins with funding


Recent applications to the Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF) have brought a windfall for community projects. Council applied for funding for eight projects around the district and met success with five applications.

“We are really pleased that funding for the toilet block in Otira has been approved,” says Simon Bastion, Chief Executive. “This is something that is really important to the community, and they have been asking for a long time. It will make a big difference for them.

Funding will also be received for the Westland Industrial Heritage Park to install drainage and seal their yard, which will improve the visitor experience particularly for visitors who struggle on rough gravel. The other projects are a top-up of funds for the Hokitika Beachfront development and upgrades to rubbish bins in Hokitika and South Westland. We have also received funding for the Hokitika Gorge suspension bridge to the value of $150,000 however we are currently reviewing options to ensure we optimise the long-term investment for the Hokitika Gorge experience.

All of these projects were budgeted for in the Annual Plan and we appreciate the funding as it reduces the burden on the rate payer to ensure that the projects can be completed.”

Mayor Helen Lash says, “Council wants to make sure that we use as many opportunities as we can to secure external funding, which can help us keep the cost of rates down. We are delighted that so many of these applications have been successful. We hope that this shows the community that we are committed to continuing to develop our district in a way that is financially responsible and sustainable.

These successful projects will support our communities, and improve the visitor experience in Westland.”

Note: Applications submitted


TIF Funding (excl. GST)

Council contribution

Hokitika Beachfront Development topup



Westland Industrial Heritage Park



Community Waste bin upgrades



Hokitika Gorge Swing Bridge



Otira Toilets



Westland Tourism Signage


Will not go ahead as per Council direction from Annual Plan.

Blue Spur Heritage Bike Trail


Any contribution would have been made by the Hokitika Mountain Bike Club.

Glacier Country Township Improvements




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