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Update on Fox River landfill


Clean up effort in coastal Westland

Following last week’s significant rainfall event, the legacy landfill site at Fox River has been severely eroded by the river, with the river cutting through approximately 40m of bush, causing rubbish to be taken downstream and north through the northern drift at sea. Litter has been observed along approximately 20km of riverbed and from the Fox River mouth as far north as Okarito as of Saturday.

Historic Rubbish Dump


Historic Fox River Rubbish Dump

Following this week’s significant rainfall event Westland District Council has been undertaking assessments to assets throughout the district. The Council has found significant damage to roads and other assets.

From these assessments Council has located a historic rubbish dump site beside the Fox River. This site has been severely eroded by the river causing rubbish to be taken downstream and north through the northern drift at sea.

Local Road Updates

Closures (known)

Hans Bay (Dorothy Falls) to Kokatahi Road - shut for repairs – Est. 1 month.

Milltown Road (Lansburgh Bridge) –abutments washed out – Est. 2 weeks

Detour on Arahura Road – Repairs in progress. – expect to be reopened tomorrow.

South Waiho Road being assessed by engineering teams today.

Temporary access road into farm at the “Styx” now in place.

See our Facebook page for pictures: https://www.facebook.com/westlanddistrictcouncil/

Haast Transfer Station

Extended Hours Thursday 28 – Friday 29 March 


Haast Landfill is open for business and will be open for extended hours for Thursday and Friday from 12noon to 4pm.
Usual transfer station charges apply, but hold on to your dockets if you wish to seek a reimbursement due to flooding impact.


Rapid flood assessments

Council has several staff undertaking rapid flood assessments and quick capture rapid data capture assessments due to the adverse weather. We appreciate your understanding while staff do this essential task.

This information is utilized to update Council and Regional Council databases  regarding areas prone to flooding or other events, and to identify the extent  of property and infrastructure damage in our region following these events .

Recycling / Transfer Stations 27 March 2019

Recycling collection will happen as scheduled today. For those streets that are affected by flooding your collection will be done when the water has subsided in your area.

The Hari Hari Transfer station is closed. 

Current On licence Applications

Section 101 Sale and Supply
of Alcohol Act 2012


The following businesses have made an application under section 101 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012:

New Licence

Harris Holdings (Haast) Limited (Haast Food Centre & Café), PO Box 55, Haast 7844

Notice posted 18 February 2019. Objection period closes 11 March 2019.

Renewal of Licence

Luso Holdings Limited (Four Square Stafford Square), 140 Stafford Street, Hokitika 7810

Water notice - Arahura

The Level 1 Water alert has been lifted. Residents and users are reminded to continue boiling water.

Speed Limit Trial

In November 2018 Council resolved to trial lower speed limits on a number of high profile roads in the district. Signposts with new speed limits are now being erected. The temporary speed limits will remain in place until 31 May 2019, unless formally adopted by Council at an earlier time. A wider speed limit review is planned towards the end of May and will involve public consultation with the public invited to submit their thoughts on the new speed limits.

Broken Water Main - Fixed

#Update 1554 – the water main has been fixed #

A water main has been broken by contractors. The following areas may be affected:

Revell Street between Park and Spencer Streets

Sewell Street between Park and Spencer Streets

Tudor Street between Revell and Sewell Streets

Repairs are expected to take between 2 to 4 hours.


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