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Media release - Council offices closing

23 March 2020 @ 1610


Council proactively managing Covid-19 response

“We’re currently living in difficult times”, is the message that Mayor Bruce Smith is sharing with the community. “Council is completely focussed on the needs of the community, in particular the elderly and those with medical conditions. I also want to thank the community for returning to doing their grocery shopping as normal and for continuing to shop locally.”

Council's response to Corona virus

20 March 2020

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March Westland Matters

The March edition of Westland Matters is available now. You can view the flipbook here.

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Ross Conserve Water update 2

Ross Conserve Water update 2

5 March 2020

Efforts have been made to increase the flow from the creek to the water intake with contractors manually digging out at the affected part of the creek. These efforts have had minimal effect to the water flow. Council is working with DoC and contractors to develop a plan to take excavating machinery to the site to do the necessary work. As the land is conservation estate, the plan has to be approved by DoC before work can commence.

Community Outcomes - Social / Cultural

You may have missed speaking to Council in person, but you can still have your say on Council’s proposed Community Outcome for Social / Cultural wellbeing. 

Our online survey is available here and is open until 16 March.

Summary of February Council Meeting

Council Meeting 27 February 2020

  • Westland Holdings Limited Strategic Plan 

Joanne Conroy spoke to Council to advise Council about the Strategic Plan that has been developed for Westland Holdings Limited. The Strategic Plan was received by Council.

  • Westland Holdings Limited Draft Statement of Intent

Joanne Conroy spoke to Council to advise Council about the draft Statement of Intent for Westland Holdings Limited. Council received the draft Statement of Intent.

Update - Ross Conserve Water

25 February 2020

Council would like to thank members of the Ross community for their efforts to conserve water. Ross is currently on a Level 2 Water Alert which means Water on alternate days as the water supply is under considerable pressure and large water savings are necessary. Households are reminded that hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems can only be used on alternate days (even street numbers on even days; odd street numbers on odd days).

Media release - Pump upgrade

24 February 2020

Tancred Street pump upgrade underway

Hokitika experienced unexpected flash flooding on Friday 21 February with 40mm of rain falling in just 20 minutes. The volume of water caused surface flooding around town before the town’s pump system began operating. Westroads mobilised quickly and found the stormwater pump stations were operating correctly throughout the town. Businesses around Tancred Street are known to have experienced issues due to the surface flooding.


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