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Upgraded stormwater pumps prove their worth

Heavy rain last week was no match for the Tancred Street pump station, which was upgraded to higher capacity pumps in 2020. Engineer Martin Ross said, “After driving around Hokitika during the rain event last week, one noticeable improvement was how the Tancred Street pump station performed as this was the first time it has been required to operate since being upgraded.. The areas of Tancred Street that typically experienced surface flooding during previous high rainfall events remained clear.”

Staff also observed significantly less surface water on Wharf Street, following the installation in January of a larger catchment sump and pipeline with higher level discharge to the Hokitika River.

As part of the 3 waters reforms funding, approximately 80% of the stormwater network in Hokitika has been surveyed via CCTV. This has resulted in a number of blockages identified and cleared, improving the function of the stormwater systems. This exercise has provided valuable data and a better understanding of our stormwater network.

Design and plans are being finalised for an upgrade of Town Belt East storm water network. Residents may have noticed large pipes (soon to be 200 units) being stockpiled in the North carpark at Westland Milk Products. This project is being undertaken to provide water diversion and flooding relief from the Livingstone St area.