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Current Road Closures

Current Road Closure

Pursuant to the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations 1965, current road/s are closed to ordinary vehicular traffic.

Area Road/s Date & Time


Detour access around the area will be via Hampden Street / Revell Street / Beach Street.

Weld Street; from Railway Terrace to Revell Street

Sewell Street; between Gibson Quay and Northern side of Weld Street roundabout

Tancred Street; between Southern side of Hamilton to Northern side of Weld street roundabout

Revell Street; from Southern side of Hamilton Street to northern side of Weld Street

Hamilton Street; from Sewell to Revell street

Friday 24 June between 4pm - 11pm and

Saturday 25 June between 4pm - 11pm


Greyhound Road railway crossing

Monday 27 June from 4pm until 6pm

Tuesday 28 June from 6.30am until 6pm

Wednesday 29 June from 6.30am until 6pm

Westland Puanga-Matariki Festival

The central part of Hokitika will be closed for these periods to allow for Westland Puanga-Matariki Festival.

Map of proposed road closure for Puanga Matariki 2022


During the proposed period of closure access will be provided in an emergency.

The officer for enquiries is John Bainbridge, Transportation Officer 03 756 9010