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Council following Government timeframes

Media Release


Following the announcement on changes to Covid-19 Mandates Council will continue to require customers to present a Vaccine Pass to enter the Westland District Library and Main Council Building. Council expects to lift the requirement from 11.59 pm on 4 April.

“Our main aim in maintaining the requirement over the next ten days is to ensure continuity in the delivery of Council Services”, says Chief Executive Simon Bastion. “We are aware that other Councils have removed this requirement. Our priority is to ensure the continued health and safety of employees, our service users, and our ability to deliver services, albeit on restricted public-facing hours.”

“Requiring customers to have a vaccination pass provides additional controls over and above the requirement for users to wear face masks. It also helps to ensure those with flu-like symptoms do not enter our facilities, which minimises the potential risk to staff and customers.  While some will feel inconvenienced, and perhaps excluded, access to library services remains available through our online click and collect services, and payment for fees and services can be made online. 

With cases still on the rise in Westland District, managing the risk is critical.  To do otherwise, could potentially require us to close facilities such as the Library for long periods with no front-facing or behind the scenes service delivery due to staff illness.  At present we have no positive Covid-19 cases amongst our employees, indicating that current controls have been effective.”

Mayor Bruce Smith fully supports this decision, “the health and safety of our staff is paramount to keeping Council’s services running. We’ve seen that services in other regions have suffered because of a lack of staff and we don’t want that to happen in Westland. Our staff are doing an outstanding job in difficult circumstances and taking some innovative approaches to offering services and I commend them for their positive approach.”

Council will continue actively reviewing our position leading up to 4 April 2022 following further guidance from the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Ministry of Health.


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