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Council approves identifying SNAs


Elected members have confirmed their intention to include a timeframe to identify Significant Natural Areas (SNAs) in the exposure draft Te Tai Poutini Plan (TTPP).

“It makes sense to Council to include identification of the SNAs in the TTPP at this juncture,” says Deputy Mayor David Carruthers. “Based on the information provided to us by Lois Easton it could be a very time-consuming and costly exercise for the Region if we were to reject the proposal. We do not want to have to litigate the matter through the Environment Court, as it is unlikely we would win such a case.

We need to take a sensible approach that gives landowners some certainty about the status of their land under the TTPP. Including a policy that allows identification of SNAs within five years of the TTPP notification provides this.

We understand that SNAs are a very sensitive topic and there will be some cause for concern amongst the community, which is why having a comprehensive understanding of exactly what land qualifies as an SNA is vitally important.”


Media enquiries to:

Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor