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Boil Water Notice - Whataroa

A Boil Water Notice is being issued for the township of Whataroa as from today 7th June 2022, due to a mechanical failure at the water treatment plant. 

Westland District Council apologise for any inconvenience.

If you have any queries please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 474 834.

Please assist the Council and its contractors by letting other residents know about this boil water notice.

How to boil water for drinking

Options for boiling water include: in an electric jug where possible, or pots over a stove, campfire or barbecue. Boiling water in a jug will automatically destroy any bacteria and viruses. However, if you boil your water in a pot, boiling for at least 2 minutes will achieve the same effect.

Other methods for ensuring clean water is using bottled water when possible or adding 2 drops of household bleach per litre of water; stirring well and letting it stand 30 minutes before drinking.

If you keep boiled water covered in a fridge, then it should be safe for several weeks. To keep it tasting fresh, it's best to store it in glass or stainless steel.