New Westland District Council

25 October 2019


New Westland District Council looks to the future

A new Westland District Council was sworn in on Thursday morning and the word in the air at the Council table was ‘excited’. All of the Councillors expressed their positive outlook for the future of the Council in this triennium, with returning Councillor Jane Neale saying that she’s “really positive and looking forward to open and respectful conversations around the table.” This is a fresh start for the Council, with a diverse range of skills on offer. There is a strong focus to work as a team.


Mayor Bruce Smith is “so excited about the next three years.” The Council is committed to a positive approach and being future focussed. They will be getting out into the community and producing results for the community.


Council chose to adopt a committee structure for the triennium that Chief Executive, Simon Bastion believes, “will see more in-depth and transparent understanding of the work within council.”


This means that there will be an increase in reporting content for staff but it will enable both staff and Councillors to support each other to do their jobs. Councillor Jenny Keogan says, “I support the officers and staff and appreciate the time, energy and dedication they put into their jobs.”




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