Media Release - Styx No 2 Bridge Repairs

Further update 08 Aug 2017

The bridge will remain closed possibly until 18 August while remedial work is carried out on the bridge. 

Styx No 2 bridge repairs being carried out in the interests of public safety

Westland District Council intend to carry out bridge repairs to the Dorothy Falls Styx No 2 bridge in Upper Kokatahi during a 12-day period from Monday 31 July to Friday 11 August, 2017 (note updated date above). The repairs to the bridge are structural in nature.

During a routine structural inspection carried out by the Council, it was discovered that the Northern abutment of the bridge (on the Dorothy Falls side) had moved and this has subsequently put pressure on the structural beams, causing the beams to move on their bearings.

Alistair McPhee, Transportation Manager, at the Westland District Council, says: “If the bridge is not repaired, it becomes a significant safety risk to the public and anyone that uses it. The work we are doing involves remedial repairs to the abutments and the beams. Our priority is fixing the bridge as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible.”

The creek has saturated the ground behind the abutment, and water pressure has resulted in the movement. As part of fixing the bridge, the Council will also construct a drainage system behind the abutment.

An alternate route to the waterfall is available through Lake Kaniere, but travellers will be unable to go from the waterfall down to Kokatahi via the bridge back road and will have to return via the same route. No one is isolated, but it does cut off quicker routes for a short period of time.

Local emergency services have been informed of the work being carried out and will make access available in an emergency. The Council’s estimates for the work put the cost at being between $90,000 and $100,000; independent engineering consultants have priced the job similarly.

For further information, please contact Council on 0800 474 834.