Media release - Pump upgrade

24 February 2020

Tancred Street pump upgrade underway

Hokitika experienced unexpected flash flooding on Friday 21 February with 40mm of rain falling in just 20 minutes. The volume of water caused surface flooding around town before the town’s pump system began operating. Westroads mobilised quickly and found the stormwater pump stations were operating correctly throughout the town. Businesses around Tancred Street are known to have experienced issues due to the surface flooding.

Council is in the process of improving the Tancred Street pump station, with work expected to be completed in approximately three months’ time. The project will increase the level of service for this pump station from a two-year event to a 10-year event. As recommended by consultants, Stantec, the 450mm pipeline along Tancred Street to the Gibson Quay has been diverted to the pumping station. The next stage is for a high capacity sump to be installed outside the low point junction of Hamilton and Tancred Streets as well as two larger pumps at the pump stations, doubling the capacity.

Simon Bastion, Chief Executive advises, “Council is confident that the pump upgrade will address this area of town as there will be a significant improvement in pumping capacity.”

Dorothy Falls road remains closed until contractors can clear rockfall and road scouring.

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Tancred Street pump upgrade underway