Media Release: New look Revell Street trial

4 June 2021


New look to Revell Street one-way trial

Councillors have agreed to the next stage of the Revell Street one-way trial, with feedback about the current layout shaping their decisions. Comments received show support for moving the picnic tables to the sunnier side of the road and reducing access for campervans.

Mayor Bruce Smith advises, “The Planning and Regulatory Committee have taken note of concerns that have been raised about the trial. We want to make Revell Street a point of interest and an attraction for locals and visitors alike. Feedback has also told us that we need to retain parking and ensure that people are continuing to visit the businesses on the street.

Our next steps are going to be to reduce the industrial look of the street and introduce an obvious crossing area. We will install permanent rubbish bins and include a dedicated loading bay to ensure that businesses can receive their goods without disrupting the traffic flow. To take advantage of the sunnier side of the street, all of the seating will be moved across to the East side of the road and all of the parking will be transferred to the West side.”



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Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor