Media Release: Mayoral Relief Fund

22 May 2020


Mayoral Relief for Commercial Ratepayers

Following the flooding events that hit the West Coast in March and December 2019, Westland District Council received central government funding to help affected businesses through the Mayoral Relief Fund. There were a number of successful applicants to the fund throughout the district.

Mayor Smith advises, “there were a lot of applicants for the funding and we were really happy that we could give the funds out. Where applicants were unsuccessful it was because they already had insurance claims in progress or did not provide complete information. In these situations, it’s really important to give us all the information so that we can help.”

In March 2020 Mayor Smith and Deputy Mayor Carruthers elected to provide a blanket rebate to all commercially rateable properties against the Tourism Levy to support all businesses whether they were affected directly or indirectly by the serious flooding events in 2019.

“Giving all operators the same rebate against the Tourism Levy acknowledged that while a lot of them wouldn’t meet the criteria set out in the Mayoral Relief fund for a lump-sum payment, most commercial operators in Westland were affected in some way and this was a fair way to help them out”, says Mayor Smith.

Businesses that received lump-sum payments were:

Wildside Accommodation in Hari Hari

Glacier Country Kayaks in Franz Josef

Westwood Lodge in Franz Josef

Glacier White Fox Holiday Home



Media enquiries to:

Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor

Recipients of Mayoral Relief Funding