Media Release: LTP Amendment Consultation

21 August 2020

Council to consult on museum future and building purchase

Westland District Council held an Extraordinary Meeting today, Friday 21 August, to consider consulting with the community on returning the management of the Hokitika Museum to Council control. The consultation also seeks the community’s views on the purchase of 41 Weld Street in Hokitika, consolidation of the Museum and Library activities to one building and the possible inclusion of visitor information services.

Council Chief Executive Simon Bastion advises, “Council first wants to know what the community want to see in the way of management of the Museum. Destination Westland have managed the activity for the past two years but their commercial focus may not be the best fit in the long term. If Council were to take back the management we could then look at how the activity operates and if 41 Weld Street would be the place to do that. It makes sense to house the museum and library in the same building if we can, and that could also include visitor information services.”

The Consultation Document, supporting information and submission form will be available on Council’s website from 8am, Tuesday 25 August until 5pm, Thursday 24 September 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted. Council will hear, deliberate and decide on the outcome on Monday 28 September 2020.

Mayor Bruce Smith says, “Council does have a conditional offer on the building but the purchase depends on what the community wants. No decisions will be made until the hearing in September so I encourage the public to make their submissions so that Council can make their decision based on what the community wants the future of these services to be.”

Important information

Submission period opens: 8am, Tuesday 25 August 2020

Submissions period closes: 5pm, Thursday 24 September 2020

Hearing, deliberation and decision: 9am, Monday 28 September 2020


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Council to consult on LTP amendment