Media Release: Emergency works on Kaneire Bridge

18 March 2021


Emergency works on Kaniere Bridge

Emergency works to clear debris from the base of the Kaniere Bridge foundations is likely to begin before next week.

Transportation Manager, Karl Jackson, explains, “The flooding in the river over the last few months has caused tree branches and other debris to build up at the bridge supports. This is compounded by back-to-back flood events that have occurred faster than we can get to the river to clear the debris. Debris surrounding the piles causes the river bed to be gouged out and the piles to become exposed. The sooner we do this work the lower the cost and the safer the bridge is.

We need to clear the debris to assess how much of the pile in the water is exposed and what we need to do to remedy this. There may be short delays on the bridge to ensure public safety while the debris is removed, but we aim to cause as little disruption as possible. We have sought an emergency resource consent and we will divert the flow from the North side of the river to the South side to reduce the flow of water and debris collected.”




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