Media Release: CE Reappointment

8 June 2021


Westland District Council reappoints Chief Executive

The Council has reappointed Current Chief Executive Simon Bastion, for a further five-year term from October 2021, the expiration of his current term.

Westland Mayor Bruce Smith says, “The reappointment has the full support of Council, who are delighted to have Mr Bastion continue in this role. We recognise that over the last four years, Mr Bastion has successfully lead changes in delivery and the focus on seeking external funding for Council work and services.

The appointment process is a requirement under the Local Government Act when an incumbent Chief Executive reaches the end of their current contract and was managed by Deputy Mayor David Carruthers.”

Deputy Mayor David Carruthers notes that, “the reappointment of Mr Bastion further consolidates the way forward for Council in a time when so much change is being promoted by Central Government and consistency and continuity of operations is essential to the Council and Westland District”.

The process attracted 23 candidates. The approach taken by Deputy Mayor Caruthers and the CE committee to manage the recruitment process internally resulted in substantial savings to Council.


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