Media Release: Cass Square Cenotaph

22 February 2021


Affixing the Cass Square Cenotaph top

The Cass Square Cenotaph facelift is complete, and the structure is once again clean and tidy.

During the cleaning process, it was found that the top of the structure is not securely attached to the main structure. Safety of the public in the surrounding area is the priority for Council while contractors work to secure the top of the Cenotaph. Council also needs to ensure that contractors can work safely to finish the project, and the structure is not damaged.

Project Manager Samuel Blight advises, “The perimeter fencing erected during the cleaning has been moved further away from the structure so that if the top does fall it will stay within the fences. When the scaffolding is removed we will also secure the top with strapping to reduce the risk that the top can fall off. Council is working with an engineer to design the best way to affix the top back to the Cenotaph structure.”


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