Mayoral Relief Fund

Criteria and application form for the fund established to assist people most severely affected by the Westland District March Weather Event 2019. 

Applications close Friday 21st June 2019

Applicants will be advised of funding determinations by 5th July 2019. 


How to Apply

Fill out the online Application for the Mayoral Relief Fund

Please be advised that your application cannot be processed until supporting documentation / ID is received by the Fund Co-ordinator. This can be either attached to the online application form or sent by separate email to or alternatively dropped in to the customer service desk in Hokitika, where it can be scanned. 

You can also supply documents in an envelope clearly marked with your name and “Mayoral Disaster Relief Fund – Attn. Te Aroha Cook”.

Please note only one application will be considered per business or household. 

The fund can only assist once in a 12-month period, unless exceptional circumstances apply. 

Common Questions

Who can apply?

The fund is open to Westland District residents, ratepayers or business owners, and not-for-profit organisations, who have suffered financial or emotional hardship as a result of the weather event that began on 26th March 2019. 

In order to be eligible for the grant:

  • Applicants must be experiencing hardship as a result of the weather event that started in Westland District on 26th March 2019 at the time of their application;
  • Priority will be given to those who are or were a permanent resident (owner/occupier or occupier), ratepayer, or owner of a business location in Westland District at the time of the March weather event; 
  • Applicants must not be eligible for funding assistance from any other source/government organisation for the same item(s). 
  • If a business, the business has suffered a significant drop in income caused directly by the March weather event, was viable before the event and can recover successfully, is the primary source of income to the business owner, pays staff a wage and the business is located in or provides services in the Westland District. 

What is the purpose of the fund?

The fund provides assistance on a one-off basis for extraordinary circumstances, where real need can be shown. 

The fund is a last resort measure when people have exhausted other appropriate sources such as Word and Income New Zealand (WINZ), the Rural Support Trust, EQC, and other government agencies. 

The fund will provide for, with priority given to:

  • Essential items/essentials of daily life (e.g. food, accommodation, utilities) not covered by insurance or other fund (such as WINZ, EQC);
  • Extra financial burden (including significant loss of income) / costs due to the March weather event not covered by insurance or other fund; and
  • Family or personal crises, support for which is not covered by insurance, another agency or fund (such as MSD). 

It is intended that these grants go some way towards helping alleviate the emotional and financial stress experienced by individuals and families due to the March weather event. 

What can the grant be used for?

When the grant is awarded it may be used for any purpose related to the March weather event. However, there is no guarantee of funding. 

What will happen to any money left over?

In the event that there is money left over, the Council will identify projects that will benefit the community in the areas most affected by the March weather event. Any remaining funds will be put towards these projects. 

Who administers the fund?

A Mayoral Relief Fund Committee compromising of the Mayor, a Councillor, an Iwi Representative and the Recovery Manager, will administer the fund. 


The application form requires you to provide personal information in order to process your application. The Council will meet its legislative obligations under the Privacy Act 1993 with regard to any personal information held. 

A Note on Documents

Have a look through the application at the type of documents you might need. If you are unable to attach the documents now, don’t worry, get them to us as soon as you can. 

Your application cannot be processed until supporting documentation/ID is received by the Fund Co-ordinator. 

This can be attached to the online application form or sent by separate email to or alternatively dropped in to customer service in Hokitika, where it can be scanned. 

Post to: Te Aroha Cook, Westland District Council, Private Bag 704, Hokitika 7842.