Land Information Memorandum

LIM Report Information

Land Information Memorandum “LIM’s” contain information held by the Council concerning land and buildings. Information available can vary but will always include the financial status of the land in so far as rates and charges are concerned.

If the land contains buildings, the LIM will advise of the existence or otherwise of building permits or building consents, as well as available services. Any relevant Resource Consents relating to the land will be listed as will any “Special Features” of the land known to Council.

When a LIM has been issued, any matters of clarification can be dealt with by contacting an appropriate staff member. If there is anything on the LIM that you are not clear about, it is wise to obtain explanations which could assist you.

Application and Payment


Apologies, at this time due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we are unable to accept LIM applications.