Inspection Rating Information Database

Inspection of Rating Information Database

Council’s Rating Information Database (RID) is available for public viewing from 1 May 2019. There is no fee to view the database.

Go to at any time, or call into the Council’s Customer Service Centre, 36 Weld Street, Hokitika. We are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

The RID contains district wide valuation details, property rating classifications and any current targeted rates the property may be liable for. It does not give owner or ratepayer details.

Please note that the purpose of the RID is to allow people to check what rate types and differentials have been applied to their account for a particular rating year. The figures displayed on the RID should not be used as confirmation of the actual rates charged / payable on a property but are indicative of proposed future rates at a given point in time.

This advertisement meets the terms of Section 28 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Please contact our Rates Officer on 0800 474 834 with your enquiries.

Rating information database open for inspection