The Hokitika Stormwater System Upgrade

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19 May 2017

Westroads have completed the majority of the stormwater upgrade works in the Tancred St catchment and work has now started in Bealey St. There is still some minor work to be carried out in both the Tancred and Rolleston St catchments to complete the installation of some larger sumps and reinstate the ground surface.
The photo on the left shows the Tancred St stormwater pump station when work started approximately a month ago. This shows the difference in old and new pipe sizes with the old smaller diameter pipe sitting inside the new larger diameter pipe connected to the pump station.
The photo on the right (looking in the opposite direction a couple of days later) shows the effect of the tide on the groundwater in this area. The work programme had to take the tides into account with some of the work only being able to be carried out around low tides.
Overall work is progressing on time however there is likely to be a delay with the completion of Bealey St due to the need to replace the existing stormwater main underneath the railway line. We are currently part way through the process to obtain approval from Kiwirail to complete this work.

Hokitika Stormwater Upgrades


21 March 2017 

Westroads have started the stormwater upgrade works in Rolleston Street.  Work started in the block between Gibson Quay and Weld Street and has now progressed into the block between Weld Street and Stafford Street.  The new pipe initially being laid in Rolleston Street started out as 1050 mm in diameter and will reduce in size as it heads towards Stafford Street.  The new pipework in Rolleston Street replaces the existing 450 mm diameter pipework. 

The largest pipe that will be installed as part of this project is 1200 mm in diameter.  It will be installed in the Tancred Street and Gibson Quay intersection.  We are anticipating some challenges associated with managing groundwater and tidal influences while working in this particular area.  The construction measures put in place to manage this will be significant and there will be a disruption to the flow of traffic around this intersection with a road closure in place for 3-4 weeks while construction is underway.  Work is currently on track for commencing in April.       

In February a newsletter was delivered to properties in the areas to be affected by the construction works.  A copy of this newsletter can be found here: Hokitika Stormwater Newsletter

SW Upgrade


22 February 2017 

The Hokitika stormwater improvement works, identified in Councils Long Term Plan, will be commencing next week.

The contractor for all of the work is Westroads Limited. Councils Water Services Engineer, Pam Wilson advises that over the next few month’s access to various footpaths and streets will be interrupted, “please be patient as the contractors will be taking care to keep disruptions to a minimum”.

The works are starting in Rolleston Street, in the blocks between Gibson Quay & in the intersection of Stafford Street & Rolleston Street. Then Tancred Street, in the intersection of Tancred St & Gibson Quay. Then in Bealey Street, in the blocks between Gibson Quay and Stafford Street.

Residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity of any of the programme of works will initially be delivered a handout to advise them of the intended timing of works.

To receive further updates –

Residents and businesses should register with Councils ‘Westland Matters’ newsletter / email notification link

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Previous Information


Corner Gibson Quay and Tancred Street during the June 2015 flood event


A programme of stormwater improvement works was approved as part of the Annual Plan 2016/17.

Council staff have spoken to 38 business owners and residents about the upcoming stormwater improvement works for Hokitika.

Council’s Water Services Engineer, Pam Wilson would like to thank those people that gave their time to attend the ‘caravan sessions’. Pam advises that the experience was valuable and has helped with finishing touches to the design. It is anticipated that the works will be tendered very soon.  The first of the Hokitika stormwater improvement works will focus on the Tancred, Rolleston and Bealey Street catchments. 

Some operational matters that were identified during the consultation will be separately investigated. Other information has been passed to Council departments for staff to respond to and/or take action.

Council intends to consult with the Kaniere community later this year about future upgrades in the Kaniere catchment.


Potential Flooding in Westland:


The recent rain event did not reach the levels forecast – which was good for us.  Council staff were on stand-by just in case issues occurred. 

In advance of rain forecasts, Pam Wilson, Council’s Water Services Engineer, has been seeking that Councils contractors re-check Hokitika ‘hot spot’ flooding areas in advance and then remain on standby to respond if flooding starts to look likely.  Council is progressing the planning of the Hokitika stormwater improvement works.  In the interim we hope that the existing infrastructure copes with the rainfall. 


If you would like to be kept informed about progress with the Hokitika stormwater system improvements, please supply the Council with your email contact details.  Advise Council’s Customer Service Centre 0800 474 834, or you can sign up for email updates:            Information will also be in the local newspapers.


The Council Officer for contact about this notice: Karen Jury, Corporate Planner