Harihari is a small settlement, with a population of 330 in the 2013 census,, located approximately 50 minutes from the Glacier Townships and Hokitika. It predominantly services a thriving dairy farming industry with most of these properties located on the Wanganui River Flats which provides lush pastures and a suitable climate for these farms.

The town made international headlines in 1931 when Guy Menzies, a young aviator from Sydney, became the first person to fly solo across the Tasman Sea from Australia eventually landing upside down in a swamp near the town. This feat is acknowledged at the Guy Menzies Park where a replica of that plane is housed in a hanger erected by the community to commemorate his achievement.

Forestry was a major industry earlier in the century with several large sawmills harvesting and processing timber from the surrounding area.

Today Harihari provides quality facilities to travellers with a friendly local hotel, motels, a general store, craft shops and a service station while there is superb hunting, fishing and tramping opportunities all close to the township.

The Harihari Centennial was celebrated on the 23 February 2008.
Harihari Centennial Parade - courtesy of Tony Maitland

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