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The Westland District Building Consent Authority controls Council’s functions under the Building Act and relates to building work such as new structures, service connections, fireplaces, and marquees.

We now process all building consents and additional documentation through our online Building Consent portal called AlphaOne.

Get started with AlphaOne here.

Information on all matters relating to Public/Environmental Health, including the licensing of food premises and the sale of alcohol, may be obtained from our page below.

Food and Alcohol Licensing.

Apply for a Permit

Visit the “Check it’s Alright to Light” website to apply for a permit or view the Fire Season Status.

Council is required to promote the sustainable management of the district’s natural and physical resources.

If you are intending to subdivide, build or change the current activity on your property, you may require resource consent to do so. If you wish to undertake a rezone of your property, or make changes to provisions in the District Plan, a plan change application will be required. Information on how to gain approval for your activity can be found by clicking on the link below. Some activities may also require resource consent from the West Coast Regional Council, please contact our planning team at if you have any queries.

- Resource Management/Consent Information
- Westland's District Plan

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