Fly tipping prosecution



Council successful in fly tipping prosecution

Council’s compliance team makes every effort to follow up on any information about people seen fly tipping and will take steps to prosecute where necessary.

This has led to a successful prosecution against a member of the public caught fly tipping. In April 2019, a person was observed dumping household waste, including soiled nappies, plastic toys, glass bottles and other contaminants into a stream alongside the Kumara Straight.

A concerned member of the public spent a couple of hours removing the waste from the stream and alerted Council to the dumping. This enabled Council to successfully prosecute the fly tipper who was unable to explain why he dumped the waste instead of taking it to his local landfill. Council is seeking reparation for the disposal of waste and administrative costs, and on behalf of the member of the public. Sentencing will be in February 2020.



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Council successful in fly tipping prosecution