Fire Permits

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017

West Coast Fire and Emergency New Zealand
On 1st July 2017, the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 came into force.  This Act repeals the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1997, with immediate effect.

Information, brochures and guidance material related to this website, and this webpage will be progressively updated to reflect the requirements of the Act.  If you have any questions, please contact Fire and Emergency New Zealand on 0800 658 628.

Apply for a Permit
Visit the “Check it’s Alright to Light” website to apply for a permit or view the Fire Season Status.

Visit the “Fire and Emergency New Zealand” website for general fire information.

For further information, send an email to the Fire and Emergency enquiry address:
In an emergency, dial 111.


Older/Outdated Information

Fire Forces Council supports Volunteer Rural Fire Forces in the Westland District through your rates. These forces are located at Kokatahi/Kowhitirangi, Haast and Kaniere.
Fire Permits

Fire restrictions are in force all year round in the West Coast Rural Fire District. Permits are generally needed for all outdoor fires except enclosed incinerators and barbecues.

The Westland District Council is part of the West Coast Rural Fire District, Westland ii zone 5 emergency.