Extraordinary Council Meeting - Responsible Camping Sites

Pursuant to Section 46 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, public notice is hereby given of the following meeting to be held in the Council Chambers, 36 Weld Street, Hokitika on Thursday 7 February 2019 at 4pm:


To consider the impact of the Government funded freedom camping sites on local accommodation providers.
The meeting is to allow accommodation providers in Westland to put their views to Councillors on the impact of the freedom camping sites which are central government funded and administered by Council, and to consider possible solutions.

If you would like to speak to the meeting, please contact the Council offices on 03 756 9010, by 5pm Tuesday 5 February. Each speaker will be allocated five minutes to speak.

Email submissions can be sent to council@westlanddc.govt.nz by 5pm, Tuesday 5 February, with an explanation that you cannot attend the meeting and would like your submission to be tabled.

From Bruce Smith, Mayor

In response to a request from Deputy Mayor Latham Martin and Councillor Durham Havill, I have called an Extraordinary Meeting of Council, next Thursday, 7 February, to address concerns by commercial accommodation providers about the effect that the Westland District Council’s responsible camping sites are having on their businesses.

I would like to invite any interested commercial accommodation provider to come and make a submission to the meeting so that Council can get a factual picture of what is happening in the community. This information will help us to develop possible solutions.

Council is fully supportive of commercial accommodation providers in the Westland District and we will seek to continue to work with the community to find a balance between providing facilities to help keep our communities clean and tidy, while also supporting businesses to operate.



Extraordinary meeting to consider the impact of responsible camping sites on commercial accommodation providers.