Executive Team

Simon Bastion

Chief Executive 

As Chief Executive, Simon has the overall responsibility to ensure that Westland District Council:

  • Receives good policy advice.
  • Delivers all services to the desired standard.
  • Delivers the Annual and Long Term Plan.
  • Complies with the law.

In order to achieve this, Simon has the responsibility of ensuring that he has the right people to do the job.

Telephone: 03 756 9010
Email: ce@westlanddc.govt.nz


Group Manager: District Assets
As Group Manager: District Assets, the primary responsibility is for overseeing the operation, maintenance and improvment of Council's infrastructural assets. These include roading, water services, recreational assets, cemeteries, buildings and solid waste disposal. The Group Manager: District Assets is also responsible for the development of Asset Management / Activity Management Plans and long-term infrastructure strategies.

Telephone: 03 756 9010
​Email: vacant

Fiona Scadden

Planning and Customer Service Manager

As Planning and Customer Service Manager, Fiona leads the team responsible for meeting the District’s Resource Management obligations. These include reviewing and utilising the District plan, processing land use resource consent applications and subdivisions, undertaking compliance and monitoring, creating planning policy, submitting on government policy on behalf of Westland and engaging with Central Government through representation in Stakeholder and Working Groups. It also means ongoing engagement with our communities and community groups. Fiona’s customer service team is responsible for ensuring high quality  frontline customer service and is the first port of call for rates payments, dog registration and direction to appropriate departments.

Telephone 03 756 9010

Email: fiona.scadden@westlanddc.govt.nz

Kim Hibbs

People and Capability Manager

As People and Capability Manager, Kim leads a team that is committed to attracting, developing and retaining great people and supporting them to be the best they can be. Kim’s team’s core functions include recruitment, talent development, pay and benefits, employment relations and health and safety.

Telephone 03 756 9010

Email: kim.hibbs@westlanddc.govt.nz

Lesley Crichton

Group Manager: Corporate Services As Group Manager: Corporate Services, Lesley’s primary responsibility is to provide effective financial management within the policies adopted by Council. Other responsibilities include the financial inputs and preparation of the Annual Report, Annual Plan, and Long Term Plan, and ensuring the Council Controlled Organisations meet their reporting requirements. Lesley’s team also provides information services and Geographical Information System support, business analysis, strategy and communications, and library services.

Telephone: 03 756 9010
Email: lesley.crichton@westlanddc.govt.nz

Te Aroha Cook

Regulatory Services Manager

As Regulatory Services Manager, Te Aroha is responsible for overseeing the management and delivery of regulatory functions of Council.  This includes Building Control, Animal Control, Environmental Health, Liquor Licencing, Compliance, and associated Bylaws.  Te Aroha is also Council’s Maori Liaison Officer, with an oversight of Council’s statutory obligations to strengthen the capacity of Maori to take part in local government and its decisions making processes.

Telephone 03 756 9010

Email: tearoha.cook@westlanddc.govt.nz

Diane Maitland 

Executive Assistant
As Executive Assistant, Diane leads a team who provides the Mayor, Councillors and the Chief Executive with a comprehensive and efficient administrative and secretarial service.  Diane’s team facilitates and maintains a professional link between the Mayor, Councillors, Chief Executive and Executive Team. Diane’s team provides governance functions and has responsibility for the Local Government Information and Meetings Act 1987 responses.

Telephone: 03 756 9010
Email: diane.maitland@westlanddc.govt.nz