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NZ Civil Defence, and Westland’s Civil Defence Plan

Emergency Management is a new approach to Civil Defence. The Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002 (CDEM Act 2002) came into effect on 1 December 2002 and replaced the Civil Defence Act 1983.

A summary of the principal provisions of the Act including transitional arrangements, is available on the www.mcdem.govt.nz website on CDEM Act 2002 page.

An Emergency Management regime does focus across the need to plan for readiness, reduction, response and recovery.

The Council has a current Civil Defence Plan. The Civil Defence Officer can assist in providing information as to how to prepare for and survive a Civil Defence Emergency. The officer for enquiries is the Emergency Management Officer.

West Coast Civil Defence advise people to have emergency supplies for at least 7 days available which is food, water, medical supplies and cash. We strongly urge people to be prepared – have a ‘grab bag’ with you at your place of work, and make a plan for what you do if you are at home.

Please check on elderly neighbours, family and friends.

Looking After Yourselves

A message from Claire Brown, our Emergency Management Officer —

“I hope you spend some time reviewing or creating your own preparedness plans, for home and work. This information is useful: http://getthru.govt.nz/how-to-get-ready/emergency-survival-items

Civil Defence - All you need to know

Civil Defence Event

It is important that if it is safe to do so, you remain in your own home. You and your families will be more comfortable at home and that is why your own preparedness planning is vital.
If it is necessary to evacuate people because of hazard threat, damage to homes or because people are temporarily misplaced /unable to access their homes, then Civil Defence facilities will be established across the Westland district. Either or both “Emergency Management Centres” for gathering of emergency staff and provision of information to all agencies including the media, and “Welfare Centres” for registration and accommodation of temporarily misplaced persons will be opened.

These types of facilities will be opened by Civil Defence according to the needs that have arisen because of the event. The facilities will be staffed by Emergency Management professionals and local volunteers.

This is a list of possible facilities for such use. However in reality the Civil Defence team will open up facilities that best fit the needs of the situation. The facility will have to be in the right location and be safe (including sanitary). It is unlikely that all of the places on this list will be opened. It also may be necessary to establish a centre somewhere else not on this list.

The opening of facilities and their location will be widely communicated to the community at the time.

Possible Civil Defence Facilities

Location, name of facility, and address —

  • Otira, To Be Advised
  • Kumara 1, Kumara Memorial Hall, 58 Seddon St, Kumara 7832
  • Kumara 2, Kumara Race Course, Otira Highway, Kumara 7832
  • Arahura, Arahura Marae, 1 Old Christchurch Rd, Arahura, Awatuna 7882
  • Hokitika 1, Westland High School, 140 Hampden St, Hokitika 7810
  • Hokitika 2, Boys Brigade Hall, 290 Hampden St, Hokitika 7810
  • Hokitika 3, Seaview Estate, Seaview Hill Rd, Seaview 7882
  • Kokatahi, Kokatahi Hall, 76/14 Ford Rd, Kokatahi 7881
  • Ross, Ross Hall, Moorhouse Street, Ross
  • Harihari, Harihari Community Facility, Main Road, Harihari
  • Whataroa, Whataroa Hall, 57 Main Rd, Whataroa 7886
  • Okarito, Donovan’s Store, The Strand Okarito 7856
  • Franz Josef, Franz Josef Community Centre, 6 Main Rd, Franz Josef Glacier 7886
  • Fox Glacier, Fox Glacier Community Centre, 45 Cook Flat Rd, Fox Glacier 7886
  • Bruce Bay 1, Te Tauraka Waka a Maui Marae, 4851 Haast Hwy, Bruce Bay 7886
  • Bruce Bay 2, Bruce Bay Hall, 4660-4670 Haast Hwy, Bruce Bay 7886
  • Haast 1, Haast Hall, 9 Pauareka Rd, Haast 7886
  • Haast 2, Okuru Hall, Jackson’s Bay Road

How to Obtain Information in an Emergency

Information from Council at Any Time


The following documents are available: