Economic Development Committee Summary

Economic Development Committee, 14 July 2020


Airport Master Plan – CEO Destination Westland

The Committee received a presentation from Melanie Anderson, Chief Executive of Destination Westland.

Funding has been received for the extension of the Airport building, which will provide additional space for travellers and operators with the opportunity to include visitor information and retail. This will also provide improved options for security screening.

Pensioner Housing Strategy Scope of Work – CEO Destination Westland

The Committee received a presentation from Melanie Anderson, Chief Executive of Destination Westland.

Analysis is underway to determine what the community needs in the way of Council owned housing, what is the best design, and who is the best entity to manage this.

Upskill programme – Development West Coast

The Committee received a presentation from Tania Washer, Upskill Manager at Development West Coast on the Upskill Programme.

The programme supports businesses and employees to retrain, upskill or find employment with funding from Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. This enables businesses to ensure that they have skilled people who are committed to staying in the job and the region.

Jobs for Nature

The Committee heard a verbal update from Mark Davies,  Director - Operations, Department of Conservation.

The funding is part of the Covid-19 recovery package through central government. It will sustain businesses and communities to allow skilled people to stay in their current jobs on reduced hours, topped up with work under the Jobs for Nature Scheme. The pilot programme was run in South Westland and is now being rolled out on a wider scale.

PGF project funding update – Verbal update Simon

The Committee heard a verbal update from Simon Bastion, Chief Executive.

Council has received funding for ‘shovel ready’ projects. The contracts need to be completed within 20 days and the work is to start within two months of signing the contract. A project manager will be recruited to lead this work as Council will be continuing with the capital works programme alongside the shovel ready projects.

Ghost Town Trail

Kw Paul Madgwick gave a presentation to the Committee about the potential to create a new tourist attraction throughout the West Coast highlighting the ghost towns of the region and their history.


Appointment of Independent Committee Members

The Committee received the report from Simon Bastion, Chief Executive to appoint Independent Committee Members, Joanne Conroy, Chair of Westland Holdings Ltd and Destination Westland, and Peter Cuff, Chair of Westroads Ltd, and Jo Bernie, Economic Development Manager, Development West Coast to the Economic Development Committee.