Draft Annual Plan 2019/20

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Annual Plan Submissions:

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- Annual Plan Submissions – Part 1

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On this page you will find our Draft Annual Plan 2019/20, and the Consultation Document,

Submissions have now closed.


The consultation period ran from 24 April – 24 May 2019

This year we were seeking submissions about the following key consultation items:

  • Working with Westland Milk Products to build the new Hokitika Ocean Outfall Pipeline.
  • Changes to how we structure our dog registration fees.
  • Funding ongoing compliance and enforcement activities.
  • Transferring maintenance activities for Council buildings, community halls and public toilets to Destination Westland.
  • Increasing the grant funding for the Hokitika Regent Theatre.
  • Extending the Hokitika Area Promotions rate to all commercially rated properties in the Hokitika district.
  • Change the zoning of the Bruce Bay community to create separate community rating zone.
  • Provide funding for the Tourism Strategy Group for the 2019/20 financial year.
  • Moving footpath maintenance from the Community Rate to the General rate.


Draft Annual Plan 2019/20

Consultation Document