Cycle Trail update

Work commenced this week on another new off-road section of the cycle trail.

Nearly 650m of new trail has been cleared in easy terrain before moving into more challenging bush zones. This new trail section will be 3 km of off-road meandering through an old dredging dam, along the defunct historic tramway and through Department of Conservation estate.

Work is expected to take three months before completion and council would like to thank all parties associated with the project including landowners for their support and MBIE for funding assistance.

Ultimately, a complete off-road experience between Hokitika and Lake Kaniere is anticipated for all to enjoy.

The West Coast Wilderness Trail is experiencing significant growth in user numbers and providing a safe and enjoyable journey is imperative to all for a great user experience.

Council will be seeking public input in the New Year for Stage 2 Lake Kaniere Road Off-Road project to determine best practical alignment, funding and land owner inputs. This will greatly enhance opportunities for both riders and walkers to enjoy the outdoor wilderness of the West Coast.

Work commences on new off-road section of the West Coast Wilderness Trail.