Council receives $981K from tourism fund

Boost to Westland District’s Infrastructure from Tourism Infrastructure Funding

Westland District Council and the Mayor are pleased to announce a funding boost from the Central Government’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF) of $981,300 to assist with infrastructure projects in Kumara, Whataroa and Ross, and Hokitika. The funding will allow the Council to build or upgrade existing toilet amenities in these townships, including providing accessible facilities, in time for the 2018/19 tourist season. The amenities have been designed with the character of the area in mind, such as reference to early colonial buildings; as well as plantings proposed to beautify and blend the facilities into the area along with bike stands, which will be beneficial to the high cyclist volume from the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

In Hokitika the funding will be used to provide a facility that addresses the needs of freedom campers, particularly non-self-contained, in one centrally located place. This will result in fewer problems with litter, roadside cooking and toileting as those who do not have these amenities in their vehicle will have a resource available.

These facilities will give communities considerable strength in the marketing of the region by having infrastructure that can cope with an increase in visitor numbers or demand. This project gives the townships a strong base to develop themselves further, while also providing their visitors with a far more pleasant guest experience.

Chief Executive Simon Bastion said:
“Once completed this project will see all public toilets across the region upgraded to the latest standards. We will be working with the relevant communities to get these projects underway as soon as practical.”

Westland Mayor, Bruce Smith adds:
“I along with my Councillors am delighted with the way our council staff, under Chief Executive, Simon Bastion, have performed in what is a very competitive environment and have achieved this outstanding result.
The solid support we get from the Government departments involved is appreciated and our thanks also goes to Minister Davies, the Minister of Tourism. This success in round two of funding is a reflection of this Council’s drive to focus on its core functions.”

Two projects that fell outside of the scope of the TIF were unsuccessful in receiving funding.

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