Council Meeting Schedule

The Council Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month.

This page lists the most recent meeting details and links to the agendas. Copies of agendas from previous months and years are stored on the Agendas and Minutes page.

Special meetings may be called pursuant to a resolution or a requisition in writing delivered to the Chief Executive stating the time and place of the meeting and the general nature of business.

Council Meetings in 2018





Venue / Time

March Finance, Audit and Risk
Ordinary Council Meeting
Chambers, 9.30 am
Chambers, 11.00 am
April Finance, Audit and Risk 26 Chambers, 9.30 am
  Ordinary Council Meeting 26 Chambers, 11.00 am
May Extraordinary Council Meeting 16 Chambers, 8.00 am
  Finance, Audit and Risk 24 Chambers, 9.30 am
  Ordinary Council Meeting 24 Chambers, 11.00 am
June Extraordinary Council Meeting 11 Chambers, 4.00 pm
  Extraordinary Council Meeting 14 Chambers, 8.30 am

Extraordinary Meeting
- Submissions – 2018 Review of Various Bylaws and Policy on Dogs 
- Submissions – LTP 2018-2028

19 Chambers, 9.00 am
  Extraordinary Meeting  20 Chambers, 4.00 pm
  Finance, Audit and Risk 28 Chambers, 9.30 am
  Ordinary Council Meeting 28 Chambers, 11.00 am