Council awarded $3.25m for tourism infrastructure

Council awarded $3.25 million funding towards tourism infrastructure projects

Westland District Council is delighted to announce that it has been successful in obtaining over $3.25 million of central government funding for four high priority infrastructure projects across the district. Out of a pool of just under $15 million, Westland as a region gained 23% of the total. This financial support enables Council to upgrade existing infrastructure (or provide new infrastructure) to alleviate the pressure created by increased tourism growth.

$1,985,800 of funding has been committed by central government for the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant to go alongside the existing oxidation ponds in Franz Josef.

$394,320 of funding is allocated for constructing new toilet facilities, a dump station, shelter, and bus depot in Haast, as well as enhancing the current carpark.

$388,545 of funding will enable Council to increase the number of carparks and upgrade the toilets at Hokitika Gorge.

$485,325 of funding will be used for the construction of car parks, toilets and a shelter at Sunset Point.

Chief Executive, Simon Bastion, says:

“Westland District Council believes it is essential that the Westland economy thrives again for the sake of the region and the people who live here. Tourism underpins that economy so a key focus of Council, therefore, is on lobbying central government for infrastructure funding to support our economic potential.

“I’m delighted in this result – I think it will really help support our economy and our communities’ future resilience. Westland has a very large geographic area but a small ratepayer base. We will continue to make the case to central government that our ratepayers cannot foot the bill alone  and that the financial support of central government is essential.

“A lot of hard work has gone into these funding applications by the team at Council and it is a result that everyone can be very proud of. We have been successful in achieving funding for the highest priority projects based on the key tourist hotspots.”

The next round of applications for Tourism Infrastructure Funding opens in in the New Year and Council intends to submit applications for infrastructure projects on behalf of some of its communities who were unsuccessful in this current round.


Dated at Hokitika this 18th day of December 2017

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Michelle Bunt – Strategy and Communications Advisor 03 756 9082



Council awarded $3.25 million funding from central government towards tourism infrastructure projects.