Community Development Committee 3 February

Summary of the Community Development Committee Meeting – Monday 3 February 2020

  • The Committee adopted their Terms of Reference
  • The Committee discussed resolved to replace the Reserves and Environs Committee with a Reserves, Parks and Environment Sub-Committee, which will have a wider focus. Parks and recreation areas will also be included in the sub-committee’s scope.
  • Sarah Brown, Community Development Advisor, provided the Committee with an update of the recent Safer Communities meeting to keep them informed of what the Safer Communities group are doing.
  • Culture and Heritage projects update:
    • Carnegie building – future upgrades will give the museum the ability to host travelling exhibitions. Staff are working closely with Te Papa to create an exciting opening exhibition for the building’s reopening after earthquake strengthening is completed. The Committee resolved to form a Hokitika Museum Governance sub-committee and a Culture and Heritage sub-committee.
    • Tohu Whenua Pou launch – The Committee was given an overview of the Tohu Whenua process and the reason why Hokitika was chosen as a site for a Pou. A parade will be held on 14 February to the Tancred Street Viewing platform where the Pou and information boards will be located.
    • Heritage Hokitika – the Committee is going to ask Heritage Hokitika to take over the maintenace of the Woodstock-Rimu lookout.
  • Community Development Advisor, Sarah Brown, provided the Committee with and update on community projects and township development fund activities.
  • Hokitika CBD Revitilisation Working Group – the Committee discussed the activities of the working group established under the previous Council.
A summary of the February Community Development Committee Meeting.