Capital Projects & Tenders Committee - 11 Feb

Capital Projects and Tenders Committee – 11 February 2020

  • The Committee adopted their terms of reference with minor changes.
  • Melanie Anderson, Chief Executive of Destination Westland spoke to the Committee about health and safety aspects of pensioner housing in Revell Street and requested funds be released prior to the 2020/21 financial year to remediate these issues. The Committee approved the funding to do the repairs.
  • Capital Projects Manager, Dominique Tharandt, provided the Committee with an update of current and future capital projects being undertaken by the Council for each activity group and explained the long-term vision for capital projects, including projects already part of the Long Term Plan 2018 – 28 and proposed new projects.
  • The Committee heard an update about the Westland Sports Hub from Erle Bencich, Operations Manager.
  • Simon Bastion, Chief Executive tabled a report regarding the West Coast Wilderness Trail Governance Structure. The current Trust structure is no longer fit for purpose. The Committee adopted a West Coast Wilderness Trail sub-committee to replace the Trust.
Summary of the Capital Projects and Tenders Committee meeting, 11 February 2020