2018 Residents Survey Results

Thank you to those of you who were contacted recently by a research company on our behalf asking for your thoughts and feedback on Council activities, performance and services.

We have just received the preliminary results back. The results show that public satisfaction has increased for 8 out of 11 Council activities since the last survey was undertaken in 2016.

Westland District Library continues to shine with 99% of users being satisfied with the public library services provided to the district (up from 81% in 2016).

Satisfaction with Council’s leadership has increased by 27% since the last survey.

In addition, satisfaction with public toilets and transfer stations across the district has increased by 14% and 22% respectively.

This time we also introduced a new question to assess residents’ perception of public safety. 99% of people polled said that they find Westland a safe place to live.

Please view the attached PDF for the full results.